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China Business Development*

- Partnering for Success

The seminar of "China Business Development - Partnering for Success" is a quarterly scheduled seminar held in Los Angeles, California. The seminar itself is free to ACIBA members to help developing and implementing a successful China business strategy. 

For most American companies with a globally marketable product or service, China presents great potential business opportunities with its enormous under-penetrated customer base, stable and improving political conditions, and continued expanding economy.

Seminar Instructor:

Dr. Charlie Yang has over 20 years of experience in international marketing, China business development, wireless and telecom research and development, investment banking and research, and technology and product management. He has held various senior management positions with several publicly traded international companies with Asia responsibilities.

Previously, Dr. Yang was the first State Council Foreign Expert for the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (MII), CEO and COO at Hartcourt Companies, President and CEO of Datang Xinwei Telecom (3G wireless), Vice President of ZTE Telecom and President of ZTE America, Director at Watkins-Johnson (NYSE: WJ), PLM at Hughes Electronics (NYSE: GMH), Business Planner at Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT), and China GM at Wang Laboratories (NYSE: WANG).  

Seminar Summary:

This seminar starts with a general overview of the Chinese business environment. It focuses on the specifics of setting-up and managing operations in China, partnering with existing Chinese firms, protecting your intellectual property, building effective relationships with Chinese, and coping with the language and distance barrier. Through this seminar, American executives can gain a solid and balanced understanding of Chinese business practices and develop the ability to approach business relationships in a constructive and realistic manner.

Key Topics

Background Information about China
, Geography, history, demography
, Current economic profile
, China and its entry to WTO - What it means for American business
, How Chinese view foreigners

Chinese Business Culture
, Understanding what motivates Chinese business people
, Values influencing Chinese business behavior and communication style
, Relationship and Chinese business behavior
, Hierarchy in corporate China and its difference from American firms

Communicating Effectively with Chinese
, Understanding the Chinese framework for communication
, Coping with the language barrier
, Simplifying your spoken English
, Overview of Chinese languages
, Useful Chinese language phrases

Building Trusted Relationships with Chinese
, Understanding Chinese expectations of business relationships
, Maintaining consistent contact with key people
, Business etiquette and protocol: general manners, banquets, and gift-giving
, Participating in Chinese banquets

Negotiating with Chinese
, Understanding the purpose and format of meetings with Chinese
, Chinese bargaining and negotiating tactics
, Negotiating with Chinese

Doing Business in China
, Protecting your intellectual property rights in China
, Marketing to Chinese customers
, Sourcing manufactured goods in China
, Setting up a distribution channel in China
, Recruiting and hiring personnel in China
, Operations management and localization

Investing in China
, The state versus private-enterprise
, Investing in China: options for American investors and corporations
, Investing in China: legal and financial concerns
, Differing priorities in joint venture management
, How to maximize returns and minimize risks in China

Business Travel to China
, Health and safety issues
, Where to stay and where to eat
, How to arrange business travel within China for free
, Preparations before your next trip

*The seminar of "China Business Development - Partnering for Success" is a scheduled quarterly seminar held in Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The seminar itself is free to ACIBA members. To learn more about how you can benefit from our experience email us today at info@aciba.org. A China specialist will contact you shortly.